Globalised nature
Group exhibition
with So Young Park, Matthew Carver, Achim Riethmann,
Maslen & Mehra, Ina Viola Blasius and Edgar Martins

An international group show brings together international emerged artists and newcomers in a show about nature and urbanisation. Six artists explore the subject of nature and urbanity in today’s setting. The international artistic position of artists from internationally diverse regions displays an impressive mixture of minimalism and pop art. The exhibition starting on 12th Feb. at Galerie Caprice Horn, could hardly be more manifold and diverse. Interesting in particular are themes such as gene technology, nanotechnology, molecular technology, – disciplines that dominate our globalised world. Nature seems to take a dispassionate wait and see attitude towards the manoeuverings and manipulations of the human species. In the dichotomy of man and nature, reference is often made to an idealized portrayal of landscapes et al, that define our world view.

An idealized perspective manifests itself in the installation by Ina Viola Blasius. The 2.5 meter installation reverses the relationship of man and nature. Here the grass is over dimensional, man at best a diminutive appearance. The student of Anthony Cragg, rectifies this situation in her second installation “cat and mouse”.

 In contrast we have a callous but sensitive portrayal of man versus nature in Achim Riethmann’s work. The recently awarded “Art and Prison” prize winner, uses the tradition of panel painting for his watercolours to portray researchers in their white uniforms that attempt to iconographically confront themselves with subjects such as conception, life and death, and bring these into perspective. The London born 31 year old Riethmann delivers a contrast to internationally renown and celebrated Edgar Martins.

The Macau born Martins constructs the unobtainable space in his Accidental Theorist series. One is reminded of Marcel Proust “the true paradise is the paradise which we have lost”. With his unusual work Martins has been exhibited at PS1, acquired by the Victoria and Albert museum and is due to be shown at the Caloust Gulbenkian foundation later this year.

Matthew Carver who is equally successful and topical, is represented in numerous collections including Saatchi and London Museum collection. The 44 year old Carver is a forerunner with his portrayal of a constructed reality similar to that seen in Ridley Scott’s blade runner. His contribution to the group show links thematically to his floating world exhibition in the London Museum which received numerous accolades.

Maslen & Mehra are also concerned with the perception of cultural spaces. The artists Tim Maslen and Jennifer Mehra describe the tension between urbanity and nature very successfully in their photo collages. The arranged portrayal of a roman next to a punk or an astronaut next to a Neanderthal shows the versatility of the artists who work with ornaments, disused objects, drawings, photography etc, into symbolic collages reminiscent of a new surrealism.

Somewhat in contrast is the work of So Young Park. Her large scale paintings in the context of the exhibition sharpen the perspective on a fast, furious and ephemeral pop culture. The artist, a pupil of Daniel Richter uses pop art as her artistic medium.

Vernissage: 12.2.2010, 6-9pm
Exhibition duration: 13.2. - 25.4.2010

Location: Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26, 10969 Berlin


achim riethmann